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Wounded Healers

Once we have discovered an authentic sense of Self, for perhaps the first time, Spirit Breath re-engages with us on our road to physical, psychic and spiritual wholeness. Knowing that our experience of Divine Love in the darkness of our broken humanity needs no defending nor justification we set about picking ourselves up and walking on towards we know not where. One thing we do know though is that we are different; something has changed within; the energy of our religious ego with all its past certainties and attack possibilities has dissipated. The buzz of religious rivalry and debate is nowhere to be seen, having been exorcised by the visit of the Other and its healing touch.

Wounded Healers

Wounded Healers

All is consumed in a knowing that we have nothing to fear before slowly walking forward into the manifest mysteries of Divine Love. Our previous sense of betrayal and disillusionment has been replaced by a confidence that indeed All is well, that we are somehow upheld by a Power and Presence that chooses to accompany us on the remainder of our Journey Home.

An important lesson lies ahead for us on this second pilgrimage. Now that we no longer play the religious games of organized religion with its rituals and not so subtle expectations, our spirit spark looks for an outlet, a means of sharing the Divine Life that stirs within. Without the traditional role plays of faith communities, we are suddenly overtaken by the synchronicity of events designed by our new Teacher. Simply put we begin to meet others along the Way who have had similar experiences to ourselves. This alone proves to be a further confirmation of the authenticity of our new take on spirituality and walking with the Divine. Yet something more shocking lies behind such meetings. We discover that the little drop of  Spirit Breath that dwells within flows out as a raging torrent to water the parched ground of our new friends psyche. The realization that Divine Love flows through us to feed and nurture the psyche-soul of another is a total shock to our fledgling Self identity. Yet in this Spirit exchange we emerge more fully into the Mystery that is the Love of God for man. In our frailty and weakness, One chooses to touch the wounded essence of another, igniting their spirit in a Divine Dance of Joy.

In our previous incarnations as zealous believers ‘ministry’ was a medal worn by the religious ego. A badge of honor proving our God promotion by a Commander-in-Chief who runs His people like a disciplined and purposeful army. Many of us scrambled around the religious scene seeking our ministries within the desire matrix of metaphysical purpose. Blocked and frustrated our desire to be used by God ultimately became a curse in the rivalry structures of Model based religion.

Now, only too aware of our own psychic limp, we find Divine Presence flowing through us without the accompaniment of ego and its search for identity. Our identity issue has well and truly been resolved in the darkness of our psychic brokenness. Now nothing matters except the connection and resonance with Love, the One who turned up when all others fell away. The dreams and aspirations of past years are now fulfilled as we touch the wounded soul and become a channel for Divine authentication.

Having been visited by Divine Love we inadvertently become the carriers of that Love; a Love that knows exactly who we’re to touch on the Way. Everything has changed – we can fix no-one. Religious words and sales pitches no longer do it. We have become walking transmitters of the Divine Presence; a Presence that is happy to manifest itself through our recovering humanity. A word, a look, a touch, a smile, all energized and planned by the Divine Lover in its all-consuming passion for reconnection with its reflected image.

As we continue our process of recovery from the addiction of enthusiastic religion we have been taught a most valuable and life changing lesson. No longer do we need to make things happen; Divine Love informs us that He/She can arrange all that it Wills. No longer are we on a ‘Blues Brother’ style, ‘Mission for God’. Instead we are being carried along by the Flow of Spirit Breath. Healing us as we go, the Divine Alchemist transforms us, the recovering patient into a healing channel for others on the Way. Truly a miracle fit for the Source of All, One determined to have wholeness at the End of Days.