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Dylan Morrison ~ The Prodigal Prophet

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Dylan’s Journey







The Prodigal Prophet’ by Dylan Morrison.

A captivating memoir of religious disillusionment, burnout and Divine Love.

Bumping into the Divine during the ‘Irish Troubles’ Dylan Morrison, was blissfully unaware of the amazingly painful journey that lay ahead.

Searching for a more radical approach to the God thing, he passed through various manifestations of the Charismatic world before becoming a ‘Prophet’ in an abusive international Shepherding group.

The sudden death of his infant son Ben became the catalyst for the Dylan’s painful disillusionment with religion, replacing it with a deep interest in psychology and self-help philosophies.

Sixteen years later with the dust-covered Bible in the attic and the ‘tongues’ long gone the Prodigal Prophet was reinvaded by Divine Love in two totally unexpected, mystical encounters.

Six months later, suffering from nervous exhaustion, Dylan was emotionally stripped bare. Healing began following a revelation of the pain of psychological attachments and a surreal sense of Presence at the bottom of the dark abyss.

Dylan Morrison believes that the spirituality and mysticism of Yeshua, the Nazarene holds the answers for those tired of religious dogma and presentational overkill.

An amazing story of hope for those wounded by dysfunctional religion and life’s tragedies.


‘It’s a fascinating and inspirational book.’

‘At times painful, at times strange, deeply human, with a wry wit that often had me laughing, “The Prodigal Prophet” is a book I am glad I read. It is definitely one that I recommend to others who struggle with the contradictory messages of Christian orthodoxy and fundamentalism. Dylan Morrison is a man with a large heart and an eye that sees deeply.’

‘Clarity of style and honesty of representation make this work stand head and shoulders above your contemporaries. Excellent.’

‘With all the gab of the Irish you are a gifted story teller. No matter that this is an autobiography or that it tells your spiritual journey, if it were the diary of your mathematical tasks I think you’d make it a fascinating read. I’m an atheist with no interest in religious stories but I read yours with thorough enjoyment. It’s the narrative voice which wins over the reader, not the message.’

‘As a person who had a father who would reach for the ‘off’ button if anything religious came on the radio, yet sent his unbaptized sons to religious boarding schools I’m qualified to comment. This is an honest account of spiritual development which I should like to explore further, So far I’m impressed by the matter of fact good humoured style.’

‘Your prologue is beautiful! I felt I received a whole new education once you launched into your personal journey. I grew up in south-west USA, and found your accounts/ experiences like nothing I’d heard of in my life.’

Now available in two editions:

Paperback at: http://www.amazon.com/Prodigal-Prophet-Dylan-Morrison/dp/1460943503

Ebook format at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Prodigal-Prophet-ebook/dp/B004OYTTLE